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Radon Testing to Make Your Home Safe

Protect your health and that of your family with radon testing. Buying a home is a big investment, and a home inspection is part of the typical process. However, most home inspections don't include inspections for radon, or for insects and pests that could pose threats to the stability of the home—particularly termites and other wood-destroying insects.  A thorough radon inspection of the home you plan to buy will put your mind at ease.

Radon Tests

Map Of Radon Areas


The goal of a pest and termite inspection is to discover the existence of insects and pests that could threaten the structural integrity of the home. The resulting report should state either that no pests were found, or a detailed description of the infestation and recommendations about how to fix the problem. A report will include such vital information, as well as a description of any condition that is likely to lead to an infestation in the future, such as high moisture levels in the basement or attic and poor grading around the home.